Network Analyzer Box

NAB is Vactis system for managing Big Data, created by field sensors to guarantee the partner a clear vision of the energy consumption. In fact, the sensors on which the NAB focuses on are those suitable for measuring energy and in addition, data can be processed deriving from sensors placed on industrial and / or commercial production processes or from any type of process parameter in the field.


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Connection and communication with the sensors

The connection between NAB and the field sensors is wired, the Box is equipped with two connection trunks with RJ 45 plug socket. The communication with the field sensors takes place with protocols modbus communication both with newly installed or existing sensors, it is also possible to interact with other communication protocols through communication gateway applications.


The NAB has been designed to take care of the security of customer data and infrastructures. Therefore, all the data flow takes place with 4G technology managed by VACTIS. Data flow occurs automatically between the cloud servers and the NAB.

The customer has the possibility to access the data through cloud access credentials. The NAB system is maintained in terms of software and / or updates by our remote technicians and the hardware is equipped with a watchdog.

Import / export

The NAB allows the import and export of:
EnPI (Energy Performance Indicator)
KPI (Key Performance Indicator)


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