How to increase the performance of a data centre while reducing energy consumption.

Whether we are talking in terms of economics or the environment, reducing consumption has become an absolute necessity.


In every data centre, a considerable amount of space is taken up by the cooling infrastructure. The machines in the data centre produce a lot of heat as they operate. For this reason, overheating must be prevented by keeping the temperature constant through cooling systems.


This is where the first major problem arises; if the cooling systems are not managed according to an energy-saving strategy (and this unfortunately happens in most cases) they end up having a significant weight on the overall budget of the data centre.


Even today, there are many companies that use chillers and refrigeration compressors to keep their technical rooms cool, and thus a huge amount of electricity that causes huge costs in the bill.


What’s more, global awareness of environmental impact is growing, and this has put the greenhouse gas emissions emitted by data centres under the magnifying glass, highlighting the need to implement green IT solutions to optimise consumption.

How to plan an efficient energy system?

An energy diagnosis is a fundamental step (click here to see how to carry out an energy diagnosis) and what’s more, it is a cost that, if combined with a redevelopment project, is quickly repaid thanks to the savings obtained from the energy improvements. In fact, the diagnosis is among the interventions subject to tax relief, such as the deduction for energy renovation and the 110% super bonus.


Once the necessary measurements, evaluations and forecasts of consumption levels have been made, the modifications identified can be implemented to improve the energy efficiency of the system.


In the case of Vactis, after the diagnosis and in-depth study of every aspect, we proceed by proposing, implementing and customising a solution based on the free cooling system.


Rotokalt is the most cost-effective system on the global market, both in terms of energy and economic savings.


With direct free cooling, you can save up to 90% on your energy bill, and avoid wasting huge amounts of polluting energy. Both your pocket and your company’s image will benefit.

Is environmental sustainability linked to increased performance?


Yes, it is. A sustainable approach to business management benefits companies in many ways.


Some data taken from the balance sheets of Italian industrial companies that have invested in environmental policies show that there is a positive correlation between sustainability and economic results.


Taking into account figures from the last three years, Unioncamere and Symbola data show, for example, that in 2017 32% of the above-mentioned companies increased their turnover, 28% increased employment and 34% increased exports.


The percentages of companies that have not invested in the green economy, in the same period of reference, are lower.


It is no coincidence that more and more companies, even among the largest ones, are supporting and investing in sustainability projects.


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